Sellers turn to the Accelerated Method because it provides advantages not found in traditional real estate. We provide Sellers with speed, control, no contingencies and exceptional personalized service.



Seller advantages abound with the Accelerated Method. Imagine being able to specify the day your home will sell and the terms under which the sale happens. There are no endless “showings” of your property. There is no lockbox on your home so your privacy and assets are protected. Here is what the process looks like from beginning to end:



Potential clients considering Accelerated Real Estate Marketing, LLC. can make initial contact with us by calling 908-387-1000 or emailing their contact request by clicking here. Our auction & marketing experts will make an initial assessment to determine if your property is a good candidate for the Accelerated Method.



If your property qualifies as a candidate, one of our marketing experts will meet with you to present the services Accelerated Real Estate Marketing, LLC can provide. We will discuss your specific needs and concerns as well as a designated time frame under which we will work. You will be presented with an Auction Listing and Marketing Agreement. This will outline a detailed custom marketing plan for your specific property.



Once you’ve contracted with Accelerated, you will be assigned an exclusive project manager who will be your single point of contact and serve as a liaison to our entire team. Your Accelerated project manager will visit your property so that he or she can gather all of the information needed to carry out a successful campaign. Our 30-day condensed marketing campaign is designed to saturate the appropriate target market.  Your exclusive project manager will provide you with weekly reports outlining our progress and market response.



At Accelerated Real Estate Marketing, LLC. we understand that you do not want your home invaded by endless “showings.”  We will provide a specific scheduled viewing day.   At no time will anyone be unattended in your home.  



Approximately 30 days after listing, your property goes to auction.  The successful bidder is required to place a substantial non-refundable deposit immediately following and execute a no-contingency contract with the closing date that you specify.



We’ve developed a no-nonsense program that gets results! Our Mission is to Accelerate the way America does real estate by providing Sellers with choice, speed and exceptional customized service.





Real Estate Auction Advantages

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