The length of time a house sits on the market can vary greatly depending on the location, the schools, the quality of the house/property and so on.  Can we agree that the conventional way of selling a home can be a drawn-out and painstaking process? A SOLD property means a big exhale of relief. With

Real Estate Auction Terminology

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At Accelerated Real Estate Marketing, LLC we help educate buyers on the process of purchasing real estate at auction.  Our goal is to help buyers navigate the process including locating property for auction, understanding the terms of sale,  due diligence, the bid process and closing on a property purchased at auction.  Here are some common

At the other end of selling real estate lies the auction method. Before you get irked or balk at the idea, consider this: Michael Jordan will be using the auction method to sell his Highland Park Estate, Legend Point. Well, well… this MVP knows the value of the Auction! According to the National Association of Realtors the

As a business broker specializing in manufacturing, a real estate broker and an industrial auctioneer with twenty years experience, I’ve talked with thousands of manufacturers trying to sell their business. Many times I’ve visited with manufactures that want to sell as an ongoing business, with real estate included.   They have little or no customers and

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