Get In the Zone

Thursday, 10 April 2014 by

So you’re looking to buy a place. You found this pretty little number sitting on a decent amount of land. The price seems doable and now you’re dreaming up ways to make this spot your own. Before getting all-passionate about purchasing, zero in on zoning. Be sure to check out local zoning rules and regulations,

Translation: The buyer will have to fix stuff. You are the buyer. So, can you? Will you? Fix it? Any of it? A little of it? A lot of it? How much work is this fixer-upper, really? First determine the amount and degree of repair and remodel that needs to be done. Be real about

New Mortgage Rules – Decoded

Monday, 13 January 2014 by

In the last housing boom, borrowers accepted loans they couldn’t afford. This was a widespread practice in the lead up to the financial crisis. And so it’s of no surprise that new mortgage rules were created and are now in effect. Perhaps the new rules are somewhat common, good sense but it seems the lending

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In years past buyers of real estate at auction were primarily experienced investors who are thoroughly familiar with the process.    In recent years this method of selling real estate has grown exponentially with more and more regular homebuyers entering the game.   Buying real estate at auction can be an exciting and profitable venture, but it’s

We all know that moving is an expensive proposition. Is the cost of it tax deductible? In a word, “maybe.” The IRS says that you can deduct certain expenses, but ONLY if you meet certain criteria. Here are the basics: If you are moving because of your employment, the cost is tax deductible under certain

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