Buyers gravitate to the Accelerated Method because the process is transparent and they know the Seller is committed to selling within a specific time frame. Buyers get to determine the price and are assured of a timely closing.


The Accelerated Method brings together people who are serious about selling and have committed to a specific time frame with buyers who want a transparent, no-nonsense, fast process. Whether you’re buying your next automobile, your next home or a multi-million dollar investment property, negotiating can be stressful. The Accelerated Method eliminates the stressful back and forth of negotiating typical of traditional real estate methods. Buyers get to determine fair market value through the process of bidding.


Buying real estate at auction can be an exciting and profitable venture, but it’s different than traditional real estate in that due diligence is done in advance of contract signing rather than after and deposits are not refundable.


Things to remember when buying real estate at auction:


    • Make sure that you read and understand the Terms of Sale


    • Perform your due diligence and inspections prior to bidding


    • Make sure you’ve read, and understand the contract prior to bidding


    • Make sure you understand the requirements necessary to bid, (have the appropriate deposit)


    • Be prepared to close on the designated closing date.



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