About the Company


Frances A. Brunelle, founder of Accelerated Real Estate Marketing, LLC has been an innovator in the auction industry for two decades.   Our marketing and sales team is a diverse group of industry professionals with extensive experience in the areas of residential, commercial and industrial real estate. We aggressively market and sell real estate utilizing the latest techniques and technologies.  Our Accelerated Marketing Program is designed to sell properties within a 30-day time frame for the highest market-driven price.


At Accelerated Real Estate Marketing, LLC. we’ve combined an age-old tried and true method for selling the finest and rarest assets in the world with today’s technology to make an efficient and transparent process for both buyer and seller.  This together with our international marketing reach and expertise provides an exceptional and Accelerated alternative to traditional sale methods.




The sale of industrial properties presents challenges not found in other real estate markets. It is not uncommon for industrial properties to be “listed” for 1-2 years before selling. The Accelerated Auction Method speeds this process, cutting carrying costs and provides Sellers with a “No Contingency” contract. Through our affiliate, Perillo Auction & Liquidation Services, Inc., we sell millions of dollars in manufacturing equipment throughout the Northeast. This experience provides us with a distinct edge and a built-in customer base to easily match buyers and sellers of industrial real estate. We’ve sold industrial sites for more than $200,000 over our client’s asking price, and sold the manufacturing equipment the same day.


From restaurants to shopping centers Accelerated Real Estate Marketing, LLC will customize a marketing plan to reach the most likely buyers for your property allowing you to move on to other investment opportunities or life plans. We have an extensive data-base of nationwide investment clients seeking various types of commercial property. The Accelerated Method works particularly well with restaurants. We’ve sold restaurants that have been on the market for 10 years in less than five minutes. Our custom marketing campaigns will draw attention to your property at the expense of others on the market forcing potential buyers to deal with a specific deadline.


Our residential division includes condos, single families, multi-family and high end residential. The Accelerated Auction Process appeals to all types of residential Sellers because it provides speed, no contingencies and convenience. Your life doesn’t get disrupted by endless property “showings”. When markets are in a down-turn and flooded with inventory, it becomes paramount to highlight your property over others on the market. Our custom marketing campaigns are designed to do exactly that. In a strong market when homes can sell in under a week, we believe that you’re leaving money on the table. The negotiation process in traditional real estate is closed, potential buyers make an offer and have no idea who their competition is or how much they’ve offered. In contrast the Accelerated Auction Process works because it forces a face-to-face competition. Buyer’s know that they are about to lose for a mere one bid increment. The competition factor can make for astounding results and increase the bottom line profit for residential sellers.