As a business broker specializing in manufacturing, a real estate broker and an industrial auctioneer with twenty years experience, I’ve talked with thousands of manufacturers trying to sell their business. Many times I’ve visited with manufactures that want to sell as an ongoing business, with real estate included.   They have little or no customers and

In years past buyers of real estate at auction were primarily experienced investors who are thoroughly familiar with the process.    In recent years this method of selling real estate has grown exponentially with more and more regular homebuyers entering the game.   Buying real estate at auction can be an exciting and profitable venture, but it’s

A properly staged property for sale can provide a distinct advantage over competing properties.  Staging is big business, and is necessary for all types of property: Residential, Commercial and Industrial.   Today we’re taking a look at staging for residential properties.  So often staging is done strictly for visual appeal.  Homeowners should not ignore the other

We all know that moving is an expensive proposition. Is the cost of it tax deductible? In a word, “maybe.” The IRS says that you can deduct certain expenses, but ONLY if you meet certain criteria. Here are the basics: If you are moving because of your employment, the cost is tax deductible under certain

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